This Course is for you if:

  • Fear of failure holds you back from truly living

  • You continue to partake in toxic and unhealthy relationships

  • You want to trust in your innate inner knowing but you don’t know how

  • You are ready to release the attachments you feel owned by

  • You have trouble communicating and speaking your truth in fear of what other's may think of you

  • As a child neither your emotions nor your feelings were validated so you continue to seek validation in external sources

  • You suffered through a significant loss as a child and didn’t have the support or guidance you needed to move through it

Life doesn't have to be so hard.

I see you. I hear you. I've got you

And I want to remind you that you hold everything you need within you to heal yourself.

Now Imagine:

  • Learning how to navigate your stress, fears and anxiety so it no longer consumes you

  • Knowing how and when to walk away from the people, things and situations that are no longer serving you

  • Exploring your unmet needs and wants from childhood and finally beginning to fulfil them

  • Processing and healing the grief and unresolved traumas from your past

  • Communicating and speaking your truth with confidence, love, compassion and non-judgement

  • No longer doubting your gut instincts and intuition because you are awash with such faith in the divine

  • Feeling whole, complete and fulfilled because you are no longer owned by the attachments from your past

Client Love

"Brit has helped me work through the trauma from my past and understand why I am the way I am today, while also opening the door to becoming who I truly am and want to be. I had always felt a sense of emptiness but through this work I've learned that that void can only be filled through going within."


"Brit’s energy and willingness to learn and grow is impeccable. This is surpassed only by her hunger to render great service in order to alleviate suffering and guide others to their own happiness, joy and fulfillment. She will make a major impact on your life."

Anthony Cheam

"Brit is an incredibly wonderful teacher. She makes you feel so loved and truly seen. The first time I heard her voice spoken directly to me, I had this wave of calm wash over me. Brit makes me feel safe and protected to be my most vulnerable self. "



Courage is like a muscle, it doesn't develop to full capacity until it is used.

"Courage comes when we stir in our spirits and refuse to look at the shape things are in or believe there is nothing we can do about it. Most of us are timid about facing up to what we know is wrong. It is so much easier to let things ride than to take a thorny problem by the handle and shake out the cause"- Unknown

What is Release + Reignite

A healing journey for the woman who is ready to finally release the heaviness, pain and patterns that have been keeping her from truly embodying her worth, confidence and divinity so she can create the life she deserves and desires.

  • Soul Communication

    Reconnect with and get to know your soul on a cellular level by releasing the fears and deep narratives that have been holding you back.

  • Trauma

    Gain a deeper understanding that trauma is not a ‘one size fits all” event so you will be better equipped to navigate it, process it and heal.

  • Shadow Work

    Discover what triggers you and the reasoning behind it so you can reclaim all parts of yourself, especially the parts that you’ve been taught are “unsafe.”

  • Self Love

    Honour your self-worth through setting healthy boundaries. Saying goodbye to people-pleasing, self-sabotage and making space in your life for that which serves you.

  • Grief

    Transform your sadness into great healing. By accepting things as they are, impermanent, we ease our fears, open our hearts.

  • Self-Expression

    Communicate your emotions, beliefs and values with confidence and love, through learning to view things from all perspectives.

Client Love

"Since working with Brit, I have uncovered more than I expected and the impact it has had on my life has been profound and continues to be so.”


"I've begun deeply exploring my inner soul and consistently self-reflect to recognize my patterns, constantly keeping my goals in the forefront of my mind in a healthy manner.”


"This work has changed my life. The personal breakthroughs that I have made continue to amaze me. I broke down blocks and barriers that I never thought I would."



Surrender is not giving up, it's more like waking up. It's freedom.

It's a release from the chains that have been holding you back from being who you truly are. It's letting go of the patriarchal way of living, the "mind over matter" outlook on life and instead embodying your feminine and tapping into "soul over matter."

Get Ready to...

  • Awaken

    Connect with your heart and soul through soul communication. Learn how to open sacred space and manage your time more efficiently, so you are better equipped to navigate your journey.

  • Ground

    Gain profound insight into who you truly are, reconnect with your inner child and get to know yourself through uncovering the pain of your past so you can break cycles for future generations.

  • Reclaim

    Master nurturing the parts of yourself you have been denying. It’s only when we take time to reflect on these suppressed parts of ourselves that we are able to love and accept all parts of ourselves and, in turn, others.

  • Sovereignty

    Fulfill your wants and desires in healthy ways by getting to know exactly what your needs are. Learn to set boundaries, honour your self-worth and give yourself what your caregivers were unable to provide you with.

  • Heal

    Radically love and accept yourself. Feel complete and whole through acquiring the knowledge to lead with love, compassion and forgiveness while gaining the understanding that you have the power to heal yourself.

  • Express

    Communicate and express yourself with Confidence while leading with an open mind and heart. Always giving yourself permission to disagree with someone, while respecting their views at the same time.

  • Shift

    See Things from a New Perspective. Gain clarity, tune in to your innate inner knowing and wisdom through viewing others' beliefs, values and opinions through a new lens, releasing all illusions.

  • Expand

    Discover and Meet the Highest Version of Yourself. Explore your belief systems and get to know those that are truly yours and those you have adopted. Release the attachments that no longer serve you.

What's Included?

  • 30 + Informative + Inspiring Videos

    Over six hours of video footage on The Seven Chakras, Forgiveness, Reparenting/ Inner Child Healing…and many more.

  • 42 + PDFs + Worksheets

    These worksheets summarize the videos and will support you in implementing and integrating all that you are learning along your journey.

  • 18 + Meditations

    These meditations will guide you back into a deep remembering of your innate power and worth. Ranging in lengths between five to 30 minutes.

  • Updates

    You will always be included and notified as content continues to be updated for Release + Reignite.

  • Access to 5 X 30 Minute Guest Expert Sessions

    Recorded sessions where leaders in their industries guide you through a practice or share a teaching on a topic that will support you in stepping into the highest version of yourself.

  • Forever Access

    You will have access to all resources and recordings for the rest of your life.

"Through self examination we give birth to the conscious being"- Anodea Judith

It's when we take time for self-reflection that we are able to come face to face with our triggers, shadows, desires, beliefs, fears, hopes and dreams. It is here where we bring light to our past.

Client Love

"When confronted with my shadows I now face them with compassion and courage."


"I feel so much more empowered while navigating the struggles and hardships in my life.”


"I truly experience my life with my whole heart now”



Trust the Call- You Will Know What is Meant For You

Hey Sis!

Every day I wake up driven by my deep desire to guide and support women on their spiritual journeys — those who are just beginning their journey, or those who have fallen off the path and are looking for a safe and supportive place to land. Regardless of where you are on your own journey, I’m here to help you make your way home, to your soul. As your advocate and supporter, my calling is to help you navigate the journey of confronting past wounds so that you can truly heal, allowing you to release old narratives that have been holding you back so that you can start living a more fulfilling life filled with love and compassion for yourself and others. You have the power to heal yourself — I am simply just your guide along the way.